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Katy Perry is an Emotional Robot in “365” Video with Zedd (Watch)

Zedd has a brand new collaboration out and he gets to date Katy Perry in this new video. “365” is Zedd’s first release in 2019, after his last single “The Middle” featuring Maren Morris and Grey became a major hit. Zedd’s older hits such as “Happy Now” and “Stay” are all going to wind up in one album, expected in 2019.

“365” is Katy Perr’s return to music in a quite a hiatus since her last album ‘Witness’ release in 2017. In this brand new video released with the single, Katy Perry plays an AI. She is given life in a tech laboratory and Zedd is the human test subject. The two beings are set on a date to test the AI’s compatibility of engaging with humans. At one point, when Katy Perry and Zedd go to bed, Katy says “I’m feeling sexy” as a gesture of romantic invitation. Zedd turns to the other side and sleeps!

The song “365” is a dedication for love. The lyrics sing about how the singer strongly feels connected with her lover. But in the video, we realize that the AI is incapable of contrasting between ‘love’ and ‘obsession.’ Katy Perry posted a snippet of the upcoming video on her Instagram with the caption “Valentine’s Day is going to be extra obsessive this year.”

Watch “365” Video by Zedd and Katy Perry

Katy Perry is being put to test with Zedd on a typical date situation and everything goes ‘okay’ until they settle in bed. No chemistry whatsoever and Zedd decides to sleep on the couch. The AI must have been very confused to have not fulfill her destiny-keep Zedd happy. Hence, ‘love’ turns into ‘obsession’ and she almost kills him.

In the entire video, we are built up to realize that this AI is incapable of ‘feeling’ or even recognizing emotions. However, when it comes to her own demise and to the realization that she was merely a test subject, even the AI sheds a tear. Maybe, one of the hundreds of remaining AIs would be able to match a mate for Zedd.

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