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Watch the Hot and Explicit “Girls Have Fun” Video by Tyga Featuring G-Eazy

Tyga has all the hot models posing in sexy bikinis in his music videos of late.

The 29-year-old Compton based artist is prepping to release his 7th studio album in 2019. Tyga had a comeback into music in 2018 with his last album ‘Kyoto’ which spawned hit tracks such as “Temperature” and “King of The Jungle.” However, his success came when he released “Taste” featuring Offset, which peaked at #8 on Billboard Hot 100. “Taste” music video was filled with a lot of semi-nude models shaking their bodies by a swimming pool.

Tyga had a similar pool-side part in his last release “SWISH” music video. The new music video for “Girls Have Fun,” released in January 2019, has Tyga living it up with these hot models. The new song and video features vocals by G-Eazy and Rich The Kid as well.

The entire song is a dedication to ‘having fun.’ And the three artists share, in explicit details, of their plans on having fun with these girls. Tyga raps about booze and weed as aids for his game, while Rich The Kid flaunts his Rolls Royce Wraith and Audemars Piguet-expensive Swiss wrist watches to pull the girls. G-Eazy relies on picking up girls who are ‘dumb’ in the Bay Area. There are so many bikini models appearing in this music video, that most girls don’t really get more than a few seconds of camera time.

However, one thing progressive about this sexually explicit song is that none of the artists are discriminative of any races; “I like ’em yellow, thick, black, and ghetto.” Hip-hop seems to be past racial discriminations.

Watch the NSFW video below.

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