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Rebecca Black Loves You “Anyway” in New Single and Video (Review)

When the then 14-year-old Rebecca Black dropped her debut single “Friday” in 2011, the Internet destroyed her into pieces dubbing the song ‘the worst in the history of music.’ We have no clue how a 14-year-old would have recovered from such a worldwide blowout, but she is back and she is stronger than ever. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?

Now a 21-year-old beauty, Rebecca Black premiers a new single for 2019. The new song titled “Anyway” is an adorable dedication to love. She has also released some early singles such as “The Great Divide” (2016), “Heart Full of Scars” (2017), and “Satellite” (2018).

The new song “Anyway,” is written by Justin Muncy and Rebecca Black, and produced by the former. Ms. Black also released a music video for the song. Replying to a fan’s comment that the new single feels a lot like 80’s and 90’s vibe, Rebecca commented “I’ve been so inspired by those two decades for a while now, they def seeped their way into that song. Love that u are picking up on it 💜.”

Watch “Anyway” music video by Rebecca Black next.

“Even though fate never goes our way
I’m gonna, gonna get to you anyway”

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She really has come a long way since her debut release a decade ago. And now, there is nobody making fun of her. Goes on to teach every upcoming artist that you should never give up on your dreams! In the video, Rebecca Black appears to be in love, dancing around, enjoying herself and trying costumes. She is a natural.

You can grab the new single “Anyway” on iTunes and Amazon.

Rebecca Black also took to Twitter to tease about an upcoming tour: “might fuck around and announce some tour dates tomorrow.” Stay tuned!!!

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