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Amazing New Song “The Great Divide” by Rebecca Black (Lyrics Review)

Rebecca Black was an overnight sensation back in 2011 when she released her first ever single “Friday” along with it’s music video. The negativity that was drawn toward the song could have possibly ended the life of the 14 year old back then. But she shook it all off and kept working on her dream. Her second release “My Moment” was a far cry better than her first song. And in 2016 we have her latest work “The Great Divide” and it’s as good as any song gets.

It is not specified whether “The Great Divide” comes out of any album. As for now, it’s just a single released a couple days ago. This song is essentially a breakup song, but clever lyrics conceal the theme well.

Watch “The Great Divide” Music Video by Rebecca Black

The lyrics to the song are quite beautiful and has depth.

You go where the wind blows
Destroying everyone on your path
I’m done feeding your ego
Forgetting everything that we had

The first line of the song is quite amazing. If someone goes where the wind blows, it means that person is not very steady with their words. Simple he is not a reliable person. I assume she is talking about her ex-boyfriend, whom destroyed pretty much every life that came across him-in the dating world. She was just her ‘girlfriend’ and by the looks of it she was just a title.

Pre-chorus takes a different tune and is beautiful.

Funny how history ends in an instant
How something so close can end up so distant

It only takes an instant to destroy something that has been built through ages. That’s how fragile a relationship is.

Then we come to the chorus of “The Great Divide” single;

Dancing on the line of the great divide
Wash my hands, turn my back
I don’t need the memories we had
I’m leaving you behind
Across the great divide

The great divide is a metaphor for their separation. And they were dancing on the line of separation, which means they were going back and forth on the face of breaking up. Maybe he was pulling her heartstrings and she couldn’t get away.

But she is done with him for good now and she is dusting herself up and leaving every memory of him behind too.

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Verse 2

Good luck when you wake up
And realize all that you lost
Shiny lies are what you’re made of
I hope it’s worth the price that it cost

When he comes to his senses, he will realize that he has lost the best part about him. But then it will be too late because she has hit her breaking point. Shiny things are pretty and nice to look at, and Rebecca Black says he is made up of pretty little lies that kept her in the darkness throughout their relationship. She may have tried to make an honest man out of him but she has failed.

The music video for “The Great Divide” is both emotional and mesmerizing. We believe Rebecca Black has finally redeemed herself after the breakdown of “Friday.” With the positive feedback the song and the music video has been getting, Rebecca Black has commented on her own video the following;


We would like to congratulate Rebecca Black for reaching her dream after a bumpy start and by the looks of “The Great Divide” we would say she can go a long journey in music.

Let us know what you think about the new single and what are your thoughts on the lyrics? Make sure to leave a comment below and we will make sure you are heard.

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