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Michael Bublé Sings of “Forever Now” Love for Children in New Song (Lyrics Review)

We are not surprised to see several comments on YouTube on this song about how these lyrics made them shed a tear; even the ones who are childless. “Forever Now” by Michael Bublé is forever hauntingly beautiful.

“Forever Now” appears in Michael Buble’s 10th studio album ‘love’ released in November 2018. And sadly enough, this will be his last album in lieu of his son’s cancer diagnosis. We can only assume that these lyrics came from a very deep place within Michael Bublé.

In a video clip released, Michael Bublé explained what this song means to him;

“Forever Now” was inspired by how much I love being a dad. I think it’s a song about loving something more than you could ever love yourself.”

In the same narration, Michae Buble explains that he only created a demo tape of this song, and he could not fathom himself to sing this song again. “It was just too hard,” explains Buble. David Foster, the producer, is said to have put it together to bring about this emotional song.

Watch the lyric video for “Forever Now” by Michael Buble

“And I’m always gonna lift you up
And I’m never gonna let you down
Time flies by
I hope you realize that I
Love you forever now”

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The brand new lyric video is a tribute to taking care of your child. The video starts off with an empty room being filled with items that a toddler would have. The images transform to the beat of the song and shows different days until the toddler becomes a kid, starts schooling, becomes a youth and then ends when he leaves the house. We assume that the child moved out of the house. No sooner, we see the whole cycle starting again.

Anyone who has a kid will be able to relate to this song and lyric video very much. It would definitely draw a tear in your eye. Let us know what you feel about this song and the video in the comments below.

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