billie eilish wish you were gay live bbc radio 1 meaning

Billie Eilish Performs “wish you were gay” Live on BBC Radio 1: Meaning Explained!

Billie Eilish dropped the latest single off of her upcoming debut studio album ‘When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?’ expected in April 2019. The new single “wish you were gay” has a hilarious back story too.

Billie Eilish went on BBC Radio 1 to perform the new single “wish you were gay” live for the first time after the official release on March 4, 2019. However, she had played this song in an Instagram Live session in July 2018, where she also explained the inspiration behind this song.

“I wrote this song about a guy that really was not interested in me, and it made me feel horrible. So, this song is called “i wish you were gay,” and that’s so not meant to be offensive in any way… It literally means that I wish he was gay ’cause he didn’t like me for an actual reason, instead of the fact that he didn’t like me. And guess what he just came out to me like a couple weeks ago. so I wrote the song and made him f*ck a dude. I’m f*cking proud bro except not really though because I was really into him, like so into him, he’s so hot oh my god.”

Either that boy was already gay or the power of Billie Eilish made him gay! Whichever it is, Billie can finally move on.

Appearing at BBC Radio 1 studio, Billie Eilish serenaded us with a brilliant live rendition of the song. There was minimalistic music, accompanied by an acoustic guitar as well. Billie seemed to be in a trance as she closed her eyes and rolled through the lyrics.

Talk about fashion! Billie Eilish wore a pure black, baggy jacket with a white skeleton imprint on it. She had black shorts on as well. Ms Eilish is really making a fashion statement in all her public appearances.

Watch Billie Eilish perform “wish you were gay” live on BBC Radio 1 below.

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