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Post Malone Calls Yelawolf a ‘Nerd’ for His Diss on “Bloody Sunday” Freestyle

Yelawolf threw a pebble into the calm waters after all hell broke lose between Eminem and MGK last year. On the road to Yelawolf’s last album with Shady Records label, the emcee has been dropping a new freestyle every week since February 2019. The latest of these freestyles, titled “Bloody Sunday” aimed at spilling some blood! And seems like it has served its purpose.

“Who else? I would diss Post Malone but he don’t even rap
Fuck it, fuck Post Malone, just because
Let’s see if he answers back
All that chain stitching from chill bill
And the cowboy boots and hats
Damn Posty, can’t we be friends?
Our clothes already match
Poser, biter, appropriation thief
Give a fuck how many records you sold
Every fan you made is a leaf off of my tree
Boy, you’re my seed
Another mullet in the gang with the teeth I see
I just picked a bone with Post Malone”

Yelawolf on Post Malone on “Bloody Sunday” lyrics

Yes, that was a very blatant hit at Post Malone, seemingly out of nowehere. In this diss, Yela attackes Posty’s looks-cowboy boots and hats and his jump to Pop music from rap. Yelawolf goes as far as to call Post Malone a ‘seed’ of his tree, and all the fans he has once were Yela’s fan base. Yelawolf seems to be talking about how Post Malone grabbed a share of Yela’s market by being a “poser” and an “appropriation thief.”

Yelawolf wanted Post Malone to reply to this, as he teased “let’s see if he answers back” in “Bloody Sunday.” And Post Malone replied.

Post Malone calls Yelawolf “dad” as a twist on Yela calling Post a “seed” of his tree. “Seed” is also a term for sperms that aid in reproduction.

Post Malone did not just stop there.

Posty found a screenshot of a replies thread on Yelawolf’s Twitter where some fans have requested Yela to collaborate with Post Malone.

It would be interesting to see if Post Malone would actually pen down some lyrics to respond to Yelawolf’s “Bloody Sunday” diss.

Yelawolf also aimed at MGK on “Bloody Sunday” and he is yet to respond.

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