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Machine Gun Kelly Responds to Eminem’s “KILLSHOT” with a Satanic Meme

It feels as if neither of Machine Gun Kelly or Eminem is ready to bury the hatchet between them. The cold war that dates back to 2010 fueled up after the release of the 2018 album ‘Kamikaze‘ by Eminem. In the album, in the song “Not Alike,” Eminem calls out Machine Gun Kelly for badmouthing Eminem, “Rap God” song and his daughter-Hailie Mathers. Within days of releasing the album, MGK replied Eminem with a whole diss track titled “Rap Devil” along with a music video as well.

Next began the long wait to see if Eminem was actually bothered by MGK’s diss track. Meanwhile, Eminem appeared on Shade 45 with Sway Calloway to talk about the new album. During the interview, Eminem talked about his ongoing beefs with Joe Budden and Machine Gun Kelly.

Soon after the interview, Eminem dropped an MGK diss track “KILLSHOT” which addressed the comments made on “Rap Devil” along with a few more ballistic shots at the Cleveland rapper. Machine Gun Kelly did not hold back from expressing his opinion on the “KILLSHOT” diss by Eminem.

Meaning of MGK’s Reply Tweet to “KILLSHOT”

The main theme of MGK’s Tweet was three judges, of what seems like a reality TV contest, giving their ratings for the performer on stage. Oddly enough, all three judges are holding “6” marks each. This is MGK saying Eminem’s “KILLSHOT” was 6/10 at best. The three 6’s also reference to the Devil by forming ‘666.’ MGK seems to like to identify himself at the anti-Eminem or anti-Rap God, which is “Rap Devil.”

'666' is often believed to be the number of the Devil according to religious mythology.
‘666’ is often believed to be the number of the Devil according to religious mythology.

In the Tweet, Kelly also includes a caption-“2 weeks and 3 interviews later…” This is a hint at the time taken by Eminem to respond to MGK’s “Rap Devil.” MGK released “Rap Devil” merely 3 days after the ‘Kamikaze’ album release. Kelly is subtly asking Em if it took him 2 weeks to come up with the bars on “KILLSHOT” that only rate around 6 out of 10. Something MGK missed here is that Em could be MGK’s entire universe right now. But for Em, he has a lot of other projects going on.

MGK also includes a few emojis on the same Tweet which shows a guy dunking something in a toilet and the next one of a trash symbol. The idea behind this is clear.

Kelly does not stop at that. He adds two hashtags. “#legshot” indicating that Eminem’s “KILLSHOT” missed him and hit in the leg. Eminem’s cover art for “KILLSHOT” included a drawing of MGK in the middle of a gun scope. Kelly hints that Em missed him. “#letstalkaboutit” is a line from the hook of “Rap Devil.” He wants people to talk about what he just Tweeted.

It seems that Machine Gun Kelly clearly believes that he has survived the first bite back by Eminem. He believes he survived the Killshot.

What do you think? Is MGK going to reply with lyrics, or should Em try again? Or is MGK just serving himself more than he can chew? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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