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The Boyboy West Coast – Bottoms Up (Lyrics Meaning Explained)

The Boyboy West Coast may be a new name to most international music fans, but he is soon looking to change that. The American rapper’s new unreleased song may be the one taking his career on an upward spiral.

The Boyboy West Coast teased his new and upcoming single “Bottoms Up” on Instagram on September 2, 2018. The song gained a fan base among the fandom of Boyboy immediately. Fans kept on urging the rapper to release the single and The Boyboy West Coast responded with another extended snippet of the song on February 15, 2019–the second verse and these lyrics caught mass attention.

The song became a popular meme on TikTok app in 2019 and Manuel Ramirez AKA The Boyboy may have a stellar launch of the single this year.

Listen to the unreleased “Bottoms Up” by The Boyboy West Coast below.

The rapper had previously released his first album ‘Playboy Gangsta’ in February 2018.

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “Bottoms Up”

The song follows a scenario of The Boyboy meeting a girl at the club and instantly feeling a connection with her. He wants to take this girl home and possibly her friends too, because he lives in a mansion that can accommodate every many girls in the club.

In the first verse of “Bottoms Up” we understand why he hits it off with her immediately. She is a psycho just like him and she is also a drunkard just like him. The Boyboy explains how good-looking she is, looking good in jeans and having several tattoos. We also hear how she loves dirty sex as he mentions “cuffs” used in the bedroom with her.

In the popular second verse, The Boyboy West Coast draws a very chill picture of how this girl and himself would spend their time together. “Ocean breeze,” “lagoon house retreat,” ecstasy,” “silk sheets,” “smoking weed,” “shopping” are a few things they enjoy in the lyrics. Sounds like a dream relationship!

These are all the lyrics unveiled so far and most probably these are all there is. We will have to wait until the official song releases to find out how the song finishes.

Until we have the official song release, enjoy the snippet and leave a comment below on your thoughts of the song and the lyrics.

Full lyrics to “Bottoms Up” by The Boyboy West Coast below.

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