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Lil Nas X – Panini (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

The highly anticipated second single by Lil Nas X just hit the floor and it is as hot and short as we anticipated. The new track titled “Panini” comes off of Nas X’s debut extended play album titled ‘7.’

This new release follows Lil Nas X’s global sensation “Old Town Road,” which got kicked off of Billboard Country chart for being ‘too out of Country’ style and landed on top of Billboard Hot 100 for consecutive weeks. Country megastar Billy Ray Cyrus got together with Lil Nas X for a remix of the same track.

The song title “Panini” has been inspired by the cartoon character by the same name from the animated series ‘Chowder.’ In the animated series, the pink rabbit Panini is obsessed with the lead character Chowder, even though Chowder has no interest in her.

Lil Nas X explained what this song meant to him on Genius: “Panini was possessive over Chowder in the show. She’s a representation of fans of who love you when you’re small. Once you get the spotlight they aren’t feeling you as much. The song is not a diss but anger towards that fan but also wanting them back.”

Lil Nas X got on Twitter to clear the confusion between Panini the cartoon character and the Asian sandwich.

The animated video released along with the audio contains robotic versions of Nas X and a female admirer. Her facial expressions at times seem to portray her anguish towards him, now that he has broken into the big leagues in music. Listen to the new single below.

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The song lyrics contemplate how and why some fans have started leaving Lil Nas X now that he has got big. The “Old Town Road” remix stayed at #1 on Billboard Hot 100 for 11 weeks, and Nas X must be enjoying this spotlight. The singer questions why this fan/s have started seeing him in a different light. He assures that nothing has changed of him, but only this fan’s perspective of him.

In the third verse of the song, Nas X makes peace with the fact that he will not always have every single fan from the beginning of his career to the end. Some fans will grow with the artists and others will fall behind. Even Nas X has goals in his life–a Benz for an example. If this involves him making commercially successful songs, no one can really blame the artist.

What is your view on the single “Panini” and what the song tries to convey to us–the fans? Do you agree with Nas X or what? Let us hear your opinions in the comments below.

Complete Lyrics to “Panini” by Lil Nas X

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