Post Malone – Goodbyes Ft. Young Thug (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Post Malone dropped a brand new single off of his upcoming third studio album. The new track titled “Goodbyes” is Post Malone not being able to say goodbye to his lover.

“Goodbyes” is the second release off of Post’s upcoming untitled third studio album. In December 2018, he released the first single “Wow.” along with a music video. The new song features vocals by Young Thug and marks the first time the two artists appeared on a track.

In the music video, directed by Collin Tilly, for “Goodbyes,” Post Malone gets into a duel with another gang member and gets killed instantly. He is buried and resurrects as a zombie. For the entirety of the song, Post Malone appears as a zombie walking through the town and stumbling into a bar where he meets Young Thug singing. The video also stars actress Kathryn Newton as an ‘interested’ girlfriend of Post Malone.

Watch the music video below.

Post Malone’s lyrics on “Goodbyes” suggest that he is trying to get over a girl whom he once was head-over-heels for. The repetition of “I need you out of my head,” by Post Malone changes when it comes to Young Thug’s verse. This change of themes also appears at the same instance the zombie Post Malone walks into the bar where the girl is also seated watching Young Thug perform. He sings “I want you back here tonight.” Young Thug also gives a shoutout to rapper Nicki Minaj, calling her a “doll.”

The very first line on “Goodbyes,” jolts a sad memory of the rockstar Kurt Cobain of Nirvana and his death. Post Malone sings that he iis also starting to feel the same pressure that Kurt Cobain would have felt, which resulted in a severe depression and a drug addiction. Kurt Cobain committed suicide with a shotgun he bought six days prior on Apri 5, 1994. Post uses this example to tell us that it is not all glory and fun in a superstar’s stardom.

Kurt Cobain’s tattoo on Post Malone’s fingers (Image: Genius)

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Rest In Peace, Kurt Cobain! 🙁

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