Juice WRLD – Run (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

“Run” is the brand new single released by Juice WRLD supposedly from his upcoming third studio album. This is the rapper’s first solo release since dropping the second studio album ‘Death Race For Love’ in March 2019. The chart-topping “Lucid Dreams” singer is back with more sinister action in this new song.

The new song lyrics have been credited solely to Juice WRLD and also features additional vocals by Shiloh Dynasty. In this track, Juice WLRD goes on to rap about how there are more important things than money, such as happiness. And he also states that money does not equate to happiness.

The intro and outro of “Run” is performed by both Juice WRLD and Shiloh Dynasty. These verses are a sample from Shiloh’s appearance on Masked Man’s 2017 track “Drowning My Sorrows.” The lines are a confession of the singer’s sins to God.

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In the chorus of the song, Juice WRLD sings how one cannot run from themselves. One has to recognize their true self and live within that understanding. In the only verse of the track, WRLD speaks about how all temporary measures for happiness has a ‘cap’ on them. A ‘cap’ in this context means to have an upper ceiling or a limit. The rapper takes examples such as ‘money,’ ‘women’ and ‘drugs’ as examples for temporary paths of happiness and each and every one of them having a limit.

In the cover art for “Run,” it seems as if Juice WRLD is covering the face of a ‘devilish’ woman with his hands. His hands are tattooed with the phrase ‘anti-life.’

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Complete Lyrics to “Run” by Juice WRLD

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