Taylor Swift – Afterglow (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

“Afterglow” is the fifteenth track on the seventh studio album ‘Lover’ by Taylor Swift.

The much-anticipated 2019 album ‘Lover’ contains 18 tracks on the standard edition including three singles “ME!” featuring Brendon Urie, “You Need to Calm Down” and the title track “Lover.” The new album is in complete contrast to Taylor’s previous album ‘Reputation’ released in 2017, which focused on speaking out her mind against her haters. In this era, however, Taylor Swift is in love, and that reflects throughout the album.

Unlike any other song on the album ‘Lover,’ “Afterglow” is a song about Taylor Swift admitting her mistakes in a relationship. Listen to the full song below and read the analysis of the lyrics after.

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“Afterglow” starts off with Taylor admitting that she blew something out of proportion and did some serious reflective punishments on her lover as revenge. This might have led to the relationship falling apart or even the bases shattering and Taylor is worried now.

It is difficult to fight with the love of your life–no matter how the fight turns out, it still takes away a piece of the castle they built together over the years. Taylor compares this to having a boxing fight with no gloves on. Your punch might hurt your partner, but your fist will hurt equally bad.

In the chorus of the song, Taylor Swift frantically apologizes for the mistake she did which has caused a drift among them. She is admitting that she is at fault and she wants them back to being flawless lovers. Whatever caused Taylor to erupt for no justifiable cause, has now come back to bite her. She has come to the realization that their love is much more important than whatever the pity fight they had.

According to Wikipedia, an afterglow is a remnant of the sunlight scattered across the sky, usually, after the sun goes down the horizon. This lighting sets the perfect mood for forgiving and moving on.

Picture of an afterglow (Image: Wikimedia)

What are your thoughts on this song by Taylor Swift from her brand new album ‘Lover’? What are your other favourite tracks from the album? Leave a comment below.

The complete album released on August 23, 2019, through Republic Records.

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