Taylor Swift Reveals ‘Lover’ Album Tracklist

Everything is aligning for the release of a brand new album by Taylor Swift. There was much less teasing and sneak around with the songs by Taylor compared to the release of her last studio album ‘Reputation’ in 2017.

Taylor Swift’s newest album titled ‘Lover’ will be one filled with romance. Taylor has been winning at a long-standing relationship with actor Joe Alwyn and her emotions in the past few years with him are perfectly reflected on different aspects of this album. The entire colour palette has changed from black and blood-red in the ‘Reputation’ era to a calming and beautiful mixture of pink, blue, yellow and green in the present era. It’s a much happier and cheerful era!

So far, Taylor Swift has released three singles and a promotional single off of the album. First, we got a taste of “ME!” featuring Brendon Urie, followed by “You Need to Calm Down,” both of which has their own music videos. The infamous 5th track on the album was revealed to be titled “The Archer,” which talks about being the hunter and ending up the hunted in all of her romantic affairs so far. The last track to be released was the title track of the album, ‘Lover,’ which is considered to be a dedication to Taylor’s current boyfriend Joe Alwyn.

On 17th August 2019, Taylor Swift revealed the complete tracklist of the ‘Lover’ album. This is Taylor’s first album with Republic Records, after producing 6 albums with Big Machine Records.

Album art for ‘Lover’ by Taylor Swift (Source: Facebook)

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Complete Tracklist for ‘Lover’ Album by Taylor Swift

01. I Forgot That You Existed
02. Cruel Summer
03. Lover
04. The Man
05. The Archer
06. I Think He Knows
07. Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince
08. Paper Rings
09. Cornelia Street
10. Death By A Thousand Cuts
11. London Boy
12. Soon You’ll Get Better Ft. Dixie Chicks
13. False God
14. You Need to Calm Down
15. Afterglow
16. ME! Ft. Brendon Urie
17. It’s Nice to Have a Friend
18. Daylight

Although waves have turned around and ‘the old Taylor’ has come back to the phone, we also spot a few gloomy-sounding tracks on this list. “Cruel Summer,” “Death By A Thousand Cuts” and “False God” sounds as if a storm is brewing amongst the rest of the happy tracks.

‘Lover’ album releases on August 23, 2019, and pre-orders are open now.

Let us hear what your favourite track on the album in the comments below.

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