Normani Premiers “Motivation” Video with Acrobatic Dances

Former 5H members are cruising on their solo journeys and the latest proof is the “Motivation” music video by Normani.

The New Orleans native 23-year-old singer presents a high-energy dance choreography in the music video for “Motivation.” She is literally doing backflips and ballet moves and twerks throughout this fun video. This is the first official single off of Normani’s upcoming debut studio album.

The lyrical process for “Motivation” has also been assisted by Ariana Grande. She talked to Rolling Stone magazine about Ariana’s help in putting this album together; “I’m like, ‘When did you know your album was done.’ She was just like, ‘Honestly, you’ll know. Nobody will have to tell you. You’ll feel it. Just trust your instinct; trust your gut. And listen to that voice inside of you, and it’ll tell you that you’re done. Just take your time, too, and have fun in the process and make sure that it’s something that you love. She’s dope. She also has a part in the record that I’m releasing, too. She wrote on it.”

“Motivation” music video kicks off with a young Normani watching ‘106 & Park’ on television and envisioning her music topping the chart someday. This motivation leads her to become one of the prominent female figures in music today. She then continues to dazzle us with some crazy, energetic and badass dance choreography.

Complete with a white crop top, earring hoops, a rhinestone belly button piercing and low rise jeans, Normani makes a serious fashion statement throwing back to the early 2000s as well. Watch the music video below.

Normani previously collaborated with Sam Smith for an emotional single “Dancing With a Stranger.”

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