Watch Benny Blanco & Juice WRLD’s “Graduation” Video Featuring a Massive Cast

benny blanco just released a brand new song and a music video from his upcoming second studio album. The track titled “Graduation” is a take on the popular track “Graduation (Friends Forever)” by Vitamin C.

Juice WRLD provides the vocals to this track, which speaks about the life of the subjects of the original track by Vitamin C. The song does not follow the usual norms of a classic drama, where the cocky high schooler ends up getting served. Instead, we learn that the character Scott Hammer, who is a football player and a rude person, still ends up being very successful in life. The guy who gets bullied by him, named Danny, is still a loser!

The music video for “Graduation” features an impressive cast of A-list celebrities. In order of appearance, the cast is as below;

Hailee – Hailee Steinfeld
Jackson – Justice Smith
Ashley – Dove Cameron
Decker – Kaitlyn Dever
Becky – Noah Cyrus
Scott Hammer – Ross Butler
Danny – Tony Revolori
Jill – Gracie Abrams
Jasper – Nat Wolff
Kristen – Maddie Ziegler
Gary – Juice WRLD
Greta – Olivia Munn
Dom – Austin Abrams
Vance – Tommy Dorfman
Jenny – Peyton List
Ryan – David Dobrik
The Untouchables – Charlotte Lawrence, Madison Beer, Elsie Hewitt, Bianca Finch
Mr. Upchuck – benny blanco
Principal Chooke – Lil Dicky

benny blanco shared his thoughts about this track on Instagram;

so i just put out a new song called “graduation” with @juicewrld999 !!!! when i was finishing 6th grade they played a song by vitamin c called “graduation” at the end of the year!!! it felt like the end of an era and the beginning of a new one… i felt like i was so old back then… then i graduated middle school… i thought i was so cool… then i graduated high school and i thought i knew everything… considering i know next to nothing now i def didn’t know shit back then… i hope this song brings u back to those high school experiences.. good or embarrassing… have fun take a ride… ok this is turning into one of those bad like motivational tweets… unfollow me. love u guys!!!

Watch the music video below.

The storyline of “Graduation” winds around the main two protagonists Hailee and Jackson, and how each of the casts’ lives intervene around something called ‘Robotic Wars.’ It is also noteworthy that Hailee Steinfeld starred in the blockbuster movie ‘Bumblebee’ in 2018, which is a movie based around the life of a robot by the same name.

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