Halsey – Graveyard (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

“Graveyard” is the second single by Halsey from her upcoming third studio album ‘Manic.’ The song follows the lead single of the album “Nightmare” released in May 2019.

In an interview with Billboard magazine, Halsey talked about the inspiration behind this song;

The song is about being in love with someone who is in a bad place and loving them so much that you don’t realize that you’re going to that bad place with them… It’s also about learning to care about yourself enough not to follow them there.

Halsey sings of these lyrics reflecting on a relationship that has gone down in flames. The premise of the song is based around how Halsey would have done anything for this person, quite foolishly as well, because she loved him that much. Even the warning signs of the relationship looked to her as if they were butterflies until those butterflies fluttered away. Listen to the song below.

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The music video for the track is a time-lapse of Halsey doing a massive painting of herself on canvas. This portrait will most likely be the album artwork for her upcoming project ‘Manic’ expected in early 2020.

Let us hear what you think about this song in the comments below. Are you excited for more new music by Halsey?

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