Camila Cabello Stuck in a Daymare in “Liar” Video

Camila Cabello just premiered the brand new music video for her latest single “Liar.” It is safe to say that this video crosses the boundaries of traditional music video boundaries.

As the Dave Meyers directed music video kicks off, the viewers get the impression that Camila Cabello has struck gold. She is seen enjoying a delicious looking meal with a chiselled-cut-jaw-dropping-handsome rich boyfriend. But as seconds pass by, we get the feeling that she is not happy in the relationship, because of the fact that the guy is full of it. We begin to form the opinion that Camila might be singing about her liar boyfriend. But in a moment, we realize that she is the one being a liar pretending to like this relationship.

The song gets interrupted quite a few times for the music video to dominate the frame. The breaks fall in perfect unison for the chorus to jump in and kick start the song again. In these interruptions, we see all the lies Camila had bottled up inside her with her boyfriend, being released.

Camila Cabello also reflects on what media does to televise and exaggerate her personal life. We are shown three newscasters, one being played by Camila herself, boasting and bashing on her personal dating life. Two of them go hard on Camila, which represent the typical style of gossip reporting these days. The third one tries to be supportive of Camila’s choices and gets immediately shut down by the other two.

We should not overlook the fact that Camila Cabello is equally amazing at acting as she is with her singing. Let us know what you think about Camila’s acting and singing in “Liar” music video in the comments below.

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