Tove Lo Drops ‘Sunshine Kitty’ Album (Track-by-Track Review)

The Swedish pop star, Tove Lo released her fourth studio album titled ‘Sunshine Kitty’ on September 20, 2019. The generally sexually-charged album is also woven around the singer’s rebellious teenage years up to now.

‘Sunshine Kitty’ contained several singles released throughout 2019, and some of which became global hits. “Glad He’s Gone,” Bad As the Boys,” and “Really Don’t Like U” are some of the singles that made some waves. It is interesting to know that each of these songs has its own backstory, as shared by Tove Lo with Apple Music.

“I have journals from when I was nine years old. The ones from my teenage years up to my early twenties are filled with these hilarious, detailed stories about people I was dating or hooking up with.”

‘Sunshine Kitty’ Album artwork (Credits: Wikipedia)

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‘Sunshine Kitty’ is not all about reflecting on her previous affairs. Tove Lo also tells us about her hopes for the future, her insecurities and her strengths.

Tracklist of ‘Sunshine Kitty’ Album

  1. Gritty Pretty (Intro)
  2. Glad He’s Gone
  3. Bad as the Boys (feat. ALMA)
  4. Sweettalk my Heart
  5. Stay Over
  6. Are U gonna tell her? (feat. Mc Zaac)
  7. Jacques (feat. Jax Jones)
  8. Mateo
  9. Come Undone
  10. Equally Lost (feat. Doja Cat)
  11. Really Don’t Like U (feat. Kylie Minogue)
  12. Shifted
  13. Mistaken
  14. Anywhere U Go

Track-by-Track Review of ‘Sunshine Kitty’ Album

(2) Glad He’s Gone

This is a song about true friendship. Tove Lo consoles her best friend who had gone through a breakup. She assists her to get over him by pointing out all the mistakes he did and his foul personality. “When they break up, you feel for them because they’re sad, but at the same time you’re also happy to have your partner in crime back,” tells Tove Lo about the song.

(3) Bad as the Boys

“Bad as the Boys” is based on one of my first crushes that I had on a girl. When I realised that I was attracted to girls as much as boys, it was an exciting but confusing feeling,” explains Tove Lo with Apple Music. The lyrics to the song empower the youth to follow their hearts and be whoever they want to be.

(4) Sweettalk My Heart

This is the last single to be released off of the album and the first to be written. The song is a bop on being in love and all the needs that it requires.

“This song is about being happy with the ability to be naive when it comes to love. It’s not about being cynical, it’s about choosing to believe someone because you feel them in the moment,” explains Tove Lo. Watch the music video for “Sweettalk My Heart” below.

(5) Stay Over

The fifth track on ‘Sunshine Kitty’ is about an open invitation for a stranger to occupy a spot next to her bed for the night. As Tove Lo explains, this song is “a very sexual song that’s about instant infatuation and feeling like you’re not in a place where you should go for it because you’ve just been through something hard, but the attraction and instant connection you feel makes it impossible to not want to try.”

(6) Are U gonna tell her?

“The song is about a guilt hook-up and making mistakes,” says Tove Lo. Sticking on to the sexually charged tone of the album, the sixth track is about the mindset of the singer after a random hookup. To make matters worse, he is in a relationship and the song suggests that she already knew it.

(7) Jacques

This track is a straight-up club banger featuring Jax Jones. The lyrics include a French phrase translating to “my name is Jaques.” The theme of the song is on getting physical with a guy. Tove Lo and Jax Jones had two recording sessions in London and this track is a product of them.

(8) Mateo

This song “is based on a guy that doesn’t even know what he puts people who are falling for him through. Growing up, I was never the first one to be noticed. I was competing with beautiful girls who wanted the same guy as me that would always get the attention,” reflects Tove Lo.

(9) Come Undone

‘Love’ is a fragile thing is the takeaway message in “Come Undone” by Tove Lo. The song details about falling in love and how everything feels magical. Sooner or later a relationship is bound to end up in rough waters, where the true test of love begins. However, it also feels as if the whole world is crashing around them when this happens.

(10) Equally Lost

This song title has been inspired by stories told by Tove Lo’s friends. During hard times in life and in relationships, often we tend to wander around until a light appears and steers us. Temporarily, we are all equally lost in our surroundings.

(11) Really Don’t Like U

This song features vocals by Kylie Minogue after having met her during a charity event in Hong Kong. The song is about being jealous over the girl who has the heart of the man Tove Lo wishes to have.

(12) Shifted

This song talks about the feelings of hopelessness when love seems to shift here and there with her partner. Tove Lo imagines that he is just playing with her life being in this relationship. The singer confesses that she is done with this love and trying to make it work. Better listen to your momma, is a key takeaway message in this song.

(13) Mistaken

“This song is the opposite end of confidence. You’re admitting to your weird jealousies. It’s a blunt and honest song about being jealous of someone’s ex, or comparing yourself to someone in the past because you’re not enough,” explains Tove Lo. In her current relationship, the singer cannot help but imagine being the ‘second’ to his ex-girlfriend. She thinks that he had everything better with his ex. But she loves to believe that she is mistaken about these thoughts.

(14) Anywhere U Go

“It’s about my move to LA. I moved there for a person, but I didn’t tell them that I moved there for them because I didn’t want to create any pressure. It was hard at first, and I wrote this song out of frustration of not feeling at home there,” confesses Tove Lo about this song. When you are deep in love, you tend to do some pretty extraordinary things to make yourself feel better, even though the other person might not even know.

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