CONFIRMED: New Music Coming from Eminem and Dr. Dre Soon!

Rapper Big Boy appeared on Real 92.3 radio a few days back and went on to confirm that there is new music cooking from Dr. Dre in collaboration with Eminem.

“I heard a couple of Dr. Dre and Eminem songs. Amazing! I’m not putting anything out. Dre said Em is working,” confessed Big Boy. “I heard it and what they are coming with its fire. And it’s new. It’s brand new. Whatever they working on and whatever dates maybe it’s very premature to me and I don’t wanna say too much.”

Watch the snippet of the interview below. Credits:

Throughout the years Dr. Dre and Eminem have produced some of the most iconic hip-hop and rap tracks ever. Some notable mentions would be “I Need a Doctor,” “Forgot About Dre,” “Guilty Conscience,” “My Name Is,” “Crack a Bottle” and so on.

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