Taylor Swift – This Love (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

“This Love” is the eleventh track on Taylor’s fifth studio album ‘1989’ released on October 27, 2014. The song has a very enchanting tune, although singing about having loved and lost.

“This Love” is the only track on ‘1989’ album completely written by Taylor Swift. Nathan Chapman and Taylor are co-producers on the track. Taylor had initially written this track as a poem but ended up being a song on her album. According to a Tumblr post, Taylor has spoken about this song as; “The last time I wrote a poem that ended up being a song, I was writing in my journal and I was writing about something that had happened in my life – it was about a year ago – and I just wrote this really really short poem, it said “This love is good / this love is bad / this love is alive back from the dead / these hands had to let it go free / and this love came back to me” and I just wrote it down and closed the book and put it back on my nightstand [and I was like] “meh that was fun, short little poem” and then all of a sudden in my head I just started hearing this melody happen and then I realised that it was going to be a song.”

In an interview with PopCrush, Taylor Swift admitted that “This Love” is one of her favourite tracks on ‘1989’ and she keeps the song on repeat.

Listen to “This Love (Taylor’s Version)” by Taylor Swift

The moody tune is blessed with lyrics that speak of a love that keeps on coming and going away–not necessarily with one partner. Every time she thinks she has found the one, some turbulence occurs and the love fades away.

In the first verse of the song, Taylor uses some appt metaphors to describe the emotions surrounding falling in and out of love. ‘Clear blue waters’ resemble calmness, clarity, beauty and assurance. These are some emotions attached to falling in love. Taylor also describes the same environment in a situation of distress to resemble the calamities of falling out of love.

In the chorus of “This Love,” Taylor explains how there is no sure-fire way of knowing what love is like with a person without jumping into the water with them. Only when you are completely dipped in the water, will you learn if the love is good or bad. So, there is no shame in having a ‘lost list of ex-lovers’ in search of the one!

However, Taylor Swift does not try to undermine the gravity of falling in and out of love with a person. In the second chorus, she also admits that every fallout leaves a permanent scar on her soul. The choruses also repeat that nothing should be forced. If something is meant to happen, it will. She talks about letting go of her love when needed to, and if it comes back, it just might be the one.

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  1. This song speaks truth to me although there has only been one true soul I love… Taylor once again delivers emotion into our lives as she is vulnerable with her own. She’s the master lyricist of our generation!!

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