Commence Freak-Out!!! Taylor Swift ‘1989 Album’ is Finally Here

1989 album is now in stores
Taylor Swift ‘1989’ is now in stores

In Taylor Swift fans’ time, this is quite old news (the album was released 8 hours ago). The most awaited album of the year, 1989 album, is finally here. Through endless teases and tortures (the good kind) over the past few weeks, Taylor promoted her album to her fans in almost every way possible. She had ‘1989 Secret Sessions‘, hosted live shows, released hints for tracks and singles, released bits and pieces of lyrics, and even used parts of songs in her commercials… Just made me realize, I have been a part of the entire journey as well-reporting and sharing and analyzing.

A few days ago the full 1989 album got leaked to the Internet. Dying curiosity lead some fans to go crazy (including myself) to download the illegal copy. But not to worry we, fans, have sworn to buy a fresh copy of 1989 album even though they downloaded the leaked copy.

Now, today (10/27/2014) the 1989 album has officially released. Even Taylor Swift was soo excited about this and she posted the following along with a picture of the 1989 album cover:


And so did the craze begin. I wish there was a way to see how many copies of the album has been downloaded so far. There are 16,753 ratings on iTunes as of now, so I would assume at least a 100,000 copies must have been sold on iTunes alone. Naturally the album has 5 stars!

Taylor Swift Goes Full POP on 1989 Album

I don’t know how many of you noticed this yet. The complete 1989 album is POP genre. I don’t recall anyone saying otherwise either. But I always assumed that there would be at least two or three Country tracks. From ‘Welcome To New York’ to the thirteenth track ‘Clean’ it’s all POP and popsynth and electronic drums. So this is like a drastic change for Taylor and her fans. You either love it or hate it. Me? I love it. I know you do too.

Now we shall wait for a week to see if Taylor can achieve the World Record. I believe she can.

Taylor Swift will be on a lot of different shows in the coming days. We will keep you posted as any new information comes up. What to watch for next? Taylor Swift 1989 Tour

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