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Taylor Swift Performs “False God” and “Lover” Live on SNL

After appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last week, Taylor Swift made her way to another talk show, and one of the biggest-Saturday Night Live (SNL) on October 5, 2019.

Taylor Swift went on to perform two tracks from her latest album ‘Lover’ live on Saturday Night Live show. The first song she performed was the title track of the album, “Lover.” The superstar was seated at a neon-lit piano to perform this track. She was also dressed completely in green, including the earrings. There were pages of piano chords flying all over around her. It was the perfect mood! Watch the performance below. The colour ‘green’ is often associated with nature, balance and harmony. Why not!


Secondly, Taylor Swift picked rather an unusual song from the tracklist to perform on SNL. Among massive hits like “YNTCD” or “ME!,” Taylor Swift chose to perform “False God,” the thirteenth track on the ‘Lover’ album. The lyrics to this song cleverly intertwines the themes of religion and sex and the taboo relationship between the two topics. For this live act, Taylor changed into a full-black attire and the stage was set to black, only to be illuminated with glowing filaments.

“False God” performance was assisted by an amazing saxophonist Lenny Pickett who added a touch of jazz into the whole sullen mood. Watch below.


In both these acts, Taylor Swift proved how powerful and unique her live vocals really are.

Let us hear your favourite pick from the above two performances by Taylor Swift from Saturday Night Live in the comments below. Share this article with other Swifties as well.

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