Halsey Drops “Graveyard” Video with a Beautiful LGBTQ Love Story

Halsey premiered her brand new music video for “Graveyard” on October 8, 2019. Unlike the lyrics suggest, the music video is not as dark and gloomy. However, we do see a beautiful love story unfold and fade away within the course of the video.

The “Graveyard” music video, directed by Anton Tammi, shows a happy love story between Halsey and another girl. It is a same-sex love story, and possibly the reason why they do not enjoy a happy ending in this story. In their time together, the two girls enjoy a care-free runaround at a carnival. However, Halsey’s lover disappears as soon as she enters the aquarium. In a perfect mix of the surrounding and her inner feelings, Halsey feels as if she is drowning–having lost her significant other. But she knew that this relationship was not meant to last. So she finds herself above the surface of the water. The carnival that was illuminated with lights and activity when they were together, seems dead and cold when Halsey leaves the place after having lost her lover.

The talented American actress Sydney Sweeney plays Halsey’s girlfriend in the music video.

Watch the video below.

There are several tie-ins with Halsey’s previous music video “Clementine” with “Graveyard.” The most notable is the aquarium which appears in both the music videos.

“Graveyard” track is from Halsey’s upcoming third studio album ‘Manic.’

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