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Maroon 5 Premiers “Memories” Music Video with a Deeper Meaning Than It Looks

Music videos can be more than what it seems on the surface and this brand new music video for “Memories” by Maroon 5 is proof of that. On the surface of things, we get a full HD view of Maroon 5’s lead vocalist Adam Levine’s face and bare chest. But, is it really what the video wanted to show?

First of all, the entire music video is a dedication to Jordi. Who is Jordi? Jordan Feldstein was Maroon 5’s longtime manager who earned the nickname Jordi. He passed away in December 2017. Hence, the theme of the song perfectly ties in with the message of the music video. Maroon 5 teased the upcoming video with dedications to Jordi on social media.

The entire music video is a focused camera on Adam Levine’s face, which pans out to reveal his bare chest towards the latter part of the video. We also notice a light circling around his face, shadowing his face and revealing his face again. This light movement represents the darkness and light in life. The Yin and Yang of life–the balance.

“Memories” is a song dedicated to the ones who have left us and a celebration of the ones who are with us. Hence, the circle between darkness and light seems quite appropriate.

The camera that was focused only on Adam’s face pans out slowly throughout the music video. At the end of the video, we can see a drastic difference between the shot that it started with the ending frame. The frame that the video started with is just a memory now (unless you replay it, of course).

Also, Adam Levine puts up a very emotional face to perform this song throughout the music video, which makes it even more so effective.

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