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Watch Camila Cabello’s Theatrical “Cry For Me” Performance Live on SNL

Camila Cabello performed her hit single “Cry For Me” live on Saturday Night Live on October 12, 2019. This was no ordinary performance as Camila and her support crew dressed in Victorian-style clothing to narrate the story.

“Cry For Me” is a single from Camila’s upcoming third studio album ‘Romance.’ In the song, Camila is going through a breakup and she does not want her ex to move on so fast. She is hurt, jealous and feeling insecure about herself.

Last week’s Saturday Night Live (SNL) edition brought out a special performance of Camila Cabello for “Cry For Me.” She was the lady of the house (possibly a queen) and she is sparing no time for her boyfriend who openly flirts with a maid of the house. Camila and her crew of dancers engage in a spectacularly choreographed dance routine to give out the message as well.

Camila Cabello ended the live performance, ever so regally, by bowing down to the cheering audience at the SNL. Watch the live performance below.

Camila Cabello also performed her newest single “Easy” live on SNL, for which she dressed in a sexy, white dress.

Camila was certainly a little too excited about this performance as she Tweeted that she might pee on stage…

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