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Cardi B Flaunts Mega Curves and Reveals ‘Offset’ Tattoo

Tattoos have often become a symbol of permanence and commitment. What better way to affirm your love for your partner than committing your body with ink to their name. Cardi B did just the same!

Cardi B is no stranger to ink on her body, as she has revealed the massive and colourful peacock tattoo on her right thigh. This time around, she went on to decorate her left thigh with another colourful vine of flowers. The flowers run all the way from her ankles to her butt to her back and up to her shoulders.

Interestingly enough, this was not the tattoo she wanted her fans to see. She had gotten down her boyfriend, Offset’s name just below her left knee. The short video released on her social media, not only covers her new ink, but also compliments her massive curves.

And why did Cardi B have the sudden urge to get Offset’s name tattooed on her? Well, she had the reply to that as well.

The “Bodak Yellow” superstar celebrated her 27th birthday last Friday (Oct 11, 2019), for which she was gifted an iconic ‘Titanic Diamond‘ ring from Pristine Jewellers. Watch Cardi B getting surprised with this million-dollar gift by Offset on her birthday.

So why not get Offset’s name tattooed on her ankle right?

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