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Rex Orange County – Pluto Projector (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

“Pluto Projector” is the second release from the Surrey-based singer and songwriter’s album ‘Pony’ releasing on October 25, 2019. This 7th track on the album was followed by the first single off the album ’10/10′ released in September 2019.

If you are a Rex Orange County fan, you would probably already have Alexander O’Connor’s mobile number. Just a day before “Pluto Projector” dropped, Rex Orange County posted a 1-minute snippet of the song on Instagram and Twitter. He then proceeded to Tweet out his mobile number so that the fans could call in and listen to a 50-second clip of the song playing on his phone’s ringing tone.

In the song “Pluto Projector,” Rex confesses his love for his significant other and hopes that these feelings would last forever between them. Listen to the track below.

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Combined with some beautiful harmonies and instruments, “Pluto Projector,” is a unique work of art. In the first verse of the song, Rex wonders if he is truly enough for his partner. He is the protector of his girlfriend, but is it all that is needed to keep this love alive?

‘Seventy million’ projector is a reference to the wide lens cameras that capture movies in larger and wider aspect ratios than the usual 35mm cameras. Through this reference, Rex tries to tell that he has much more to offer in this relationship than anyone would ever do. “Encore” is a cry for a repeat show. Rex wishes that these feelings would last forever.

In the second verse of “Pluto Projector,” Rex imagines himself in wedlock with his partner and he loves it. He calls for an encore on this life again. He also does not shy away from admitting his mistakes and failures while admitting that he can be a ‘boy’ in his thoughts at times. However, this is where communication, understanding and compromise comes into play.

Understanding yourself is an ongoing journey. Life goes on and so will ‘you’ as a person subject to change. And it’s far easier for your significant other to help you on this journey. In a perfect relationship, the two people are not meant to be alike, but like the exact opposites that fit perfectly like jigsaw puzzles.

The outro of the song also reveals how supportive each other should be in a relationship. They should know each other. They should share each others’ secrets. Love and support each other to grow and be the best version of themselves is the key to a happy life.

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  1. Do we know what instruments are playing during the orchestra type piece at the end? I want to play this for my wedding!

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