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BTS Releases “Make It Right” Video with Lauv (Review)

BTS comes back to the scene with a brand new music video after the release of their 2019 album ‘Map of the Soul: Persona’ in April. The new video for “Make It Right” is an emotional tribute to the members of BTS and their fans.

“Make It Right” is the fourth track on ‘Map of the Soul: Persona’ album by BTS and features soothing vocals by Lauv.

The music video, directed by Guzza, shows snippets BTS members performing in concerts, captured in limelights. Moreover, there is a crispily animated story unveiling inbetween scenes as well. The animated storyline narrates the story of a guy who finds love and loses it. He then proceeds to conquer great heights and fears to rediscover that love.

Verses by Suga and RM of BTS further elaborate the narrative: “A little taller than I was before/With a voice a little more solid/All of this to go back to you..,” “The reason I survived in hell/It’s for you, it was not for me..”

Watch the music video below.

The music video also captures some truly emotional moments of BTS members, literally weeping out of ecstasy. This song is a true tribute to love, friendship and memories.

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