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Frank Ocean – DHL (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Returning back to music after a two-year hiatus, Frank Ocean has blessed with, well, not so much of soulful track he is known to deliver. In this new song, titled “DHL,” Frank Ocean focuses on a homosexual relationship!

The new track premiered at the end of Ocean’s surprise return to ‘blonded RADIO’ on October 19, 2019. There is no clear indication if this track will lead on to a new studio album by Ocean. However, on the artwork of the new song, 13 different posing silhouettes are shown at the bottom. There is a suspicion that this could mean to be a new 13-track project is around the corner. One figure, fourth from left, is highlighted and is also very similar to the pose on the artwork for the song, which could mean that “DHL” is the 4th track on the upcoming album.

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‘Dalsey, Hillblom and Lynn’ shortened as DHL, is one of the largest courier and logistic companies in the world. The company has a presence in over 200 countries around the world.

However, Frank Ocean’s use of the term ‘DHL’ may arrive from a totally unrelated subject to logistics. His use of the courier giant’s name may be a play on words for the concept of ‘U-Haul lesbians.’ This is an idea where female gay couples move in together way faster than they should be getting into a new relationship. Instead of picking up the same movers company ‘U-Haul,’ Frank Ocean uses DHL because he is into men in this song.

Frank Ocean seems to be enjoying the sexual company of his ‘boy toy’ in the second verse of the song. He sings of sexual activities with a boy and he alludes himself to be ‘trade,’ which is slang for ‘a young hyper-masculine looking, gay man.’

Frank also talks about ‘files’ in his drive. These could be a reference to his unreleased music saved on his computer. He also sings about ‘old files turning two’ which is the number of years of hiatus he has been on since his last releases in 2017.

In the outro of “DHL,” Frank Ocean talks about his independent record label ‘blonded’ and how he made a killing out of it since 2016. In the last lines, Frank confesses about his love interests and sexual interests. He reveals that he has a boyfriend of a month old relationship, but he has been with him far longer.

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