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Watch Halsey Super-Fangirl Over Taylor Swift and Sing “Lover” on Stage

Halsey is a big fan of Taylor Swift and she has not shied away from speaking it out in public. Early this year, Halsey took to Twitter to express her deep appreciation for an interview Taylor Swift did with Elle Magazine. “No one does it better than T…,” wrote Halsey on the Tweet and Taylor Swift noted this as well.

The fangirling has clearly not stopped or worn out even though Halsey is also of a prominent stature in the industry much like Taylor Swift. Halsey’s recent tracks such as “Without Me,” “Clementine” and “Graveyard” have become global hits. But a true fan, stays a true fan.

Halsey made a surprise appearance on ‘We Can Survive’ concert at the famed Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles last Saturday. There she got to talking about Taylor Swift and her latest album ‘Lover.’

“I’ve got to be honest with you guys, the whole new album is my shower music,” started Halsey. “I think that my assistant has, like, 100 videos from outside the door where I’m in the shower just like…” and she continued to sing a part of the chorus of “Lover” single. The fans go crazy! “It’s so good!” adds Halsey.

The most interesting bit is when she speaks out “she’s like definitely an artist I would like to collaborate with…”

Hope Taylor Swift notices this and takes her request into account at some point. The two artists have a very different musical presence. But music is nothing but versatility.

Watch the fangirl moment below.

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