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Kanye West – Use This Gospel (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Kanye West announced that his new album ‘Jesus Is King’ is not a religious album, but the more we delve into it, the more we fail to see this statement become true. “Use This Gospel” is the tenth track on Kanye’s latest album released on October 25, 2019. This track is a collaboration between Clipse, consisting of Pusha T and No Malice, and Kenny G.

In an interview with Beats 1 Radio, Kanye talked about everybody working on this track; “It was just beautiful. They were out here, out working on the album… Just five months ago I remember saying ‘I ain’t even gonna rap.’ I didn’t know how to rap for God. So I remember No Malice being like, ‘I’ma write you a rap for this.'”

“Use This Gospel” is a song constructed around praising Lord and seeking his forgiveness for the sins we mortals have committed. Kanye’s idea is to encourage people to use these lyrics as gospel to reach out to the Lord. Listen to the audio below.

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In the chorus of the song, Kanye urges his listeners to use this track as gospel to praise Lord and seek protection from all evil. The lyrics call upon the blessings of the Father who rules the kingdom of heaven. At His might, the demons shall tremble while holy engels defend them.

In the first verse by Pusha T, he confesses his acceptance of God as the one true saviour and the greatest. He also admits that he is late to welcome the grace of Lord into his life, but better late than never. Pusha T confesses that he is no saint. He compares his actions to Las Vegas which is deemed to be the biggest sin city in the world. There is a long path of redemption for the rapper, and most of us at home as well. Pusha T has started his journey, and he encourages us on as well.

No Malice appears on the second verse of “Use This Gospel” by Kanye West. He, too, admits that his soul consists of more damaged goods than undamaged. “From the concrete grew a rose” is a reference to 2Pac’s famous poem “The Rose That Grew From Concrete.” It suggests that ‘good’ can come out of unlikely places or circumstances as well.

No Malice continues to sing that the world is driven towards commercialism and greed. Wraith is an expensive luxury car model manufactured by Rolls Royce. When the world wants everyone to accumulate yet another expensive car, No Malice wants to preach about giving up materialism.

The road to the Pearly Gates can often be a hidden path. Not many find it or even see it. This is where faith comes into play. Blindfolded on this journey you maybe, but with a little faith in Lord, it can be done. No Malice also adds that everyone should try to help each other on this journey; “Just hold on to your brother when his faith lost.”

What are your thoughts on “Use This Gospel” by Kanye West? Would you be using this as gospel? Let us hear in the comments below.

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