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Ariana Grande, Normani and Nicki Minaj – Bad to You (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

The season of Angels is upon us and we have the complete soundtrack from the brand new ‘Charlie’s Angels’ movie now. Ariana Grande already previewed the first music from the OST with “Don’t Call Me Angel,” a combination of superpowers in the female music industry–Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus and Lana Del Rey. The new song, titled “Bad to You” is no different.

‘Charlie’s Angels’ original motion picture soundtrack released on November 1, 2019, ahead of the movie release scheduled for November 15, 2019. Many A-list artists provide vocal assist on this soundtrack, especially Ariana Grande, who is found on 5 songs of the 11-track album.

“Bad to You” features vocals by Ariana Grande, Normani and Nicki Minaj, and the song samples a collaboration with Dua Lipa. The earlier version of “Bad to You” was set to feature vocals by Dua Lipa. However, due to Dua’s timing clashing with her own project release, she was scrapped off the project and Normani and Nicki Minaj were taken on board. Ariana Grande confirmed on Twitter that both versions are the same;

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The song sings about how these Angels have their men vexed. While these girls are being absolutely heartbreaking towards their men, they still keep coming at the girls. The men are being so good to the girls, while the girls are so bad to the guys.

The chorus also perfectly describes the thinking of these Angels about their men; “Loving you and hating you is in, depending on the day.” This is an indirect way of saying that she only treats the guys the way they treat the girls.

Nicki Minaj’s rap verse on the track puts a spin to the above concept. She says the guys are only being nice when the girls are being bad to them. It’s the classic love-hate relationship. But she knows she can get his man worked out well over a good stretch of physical engagements. Power!

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