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Dua Lipa – Don’t Start Now (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Dua Lipa premiered a brand new song titled “Don’t Start Now” and it is the second single off of her upcoming sophomore studio album. The upbeat track is a reference to how Dua Lipa has overcome heartbreak and is in a better position on her own.

Dua Lipa first teased the song on BBC Radio to one fan in a private listening on air. The fan and Lipa went on to sing a few lyrics off memory. As the superstar released the official single today, she leaves us with another cliffhanger–the music video. The new audio clip contains a snippet of the upcoming music video.

Listen to the audio and watch the trailer for the music video below.

“Don’t Start Now” single follows Dua’s first single of 2019 “Swan Song” released in January, and is the lead single off of her upcoming second studio album.

In the first verse of the song Dua Lipa sings of heartbreak, but she is not sad anymore. She gives out very positive vibes right at the start of the song saying that she is quite over the past wounds. She does not shy away to admit that the heartbreak might have changed her, but that is life. The best part is that she is not lamenting on the same pedestal she was left stranded when he took away from her life. She has come further so far.

The song likely speaks about Dua Lipa’s split from her ex-boyfriend Paul Klein of the music trio named LANY. Their short-lived romance in 2017 and 2018 inspired LANY’s new album ‘Malibu Nights.’ In a track titled “Thru These Tears” in the above album, Paul sings “You cried on my shoulder/Goodbye.” The same sentiment is also mentioned by Dua Lipa on the second verse of “Don’t Start Now;” “Aren’t you the guy who tried to/Hurt me with the word “goodbye”?”

Dua Lipa and Paul Klein in 2018 (Image: Genius)

The pre-chorus and the choruses bases on the request that the ex should not try to come after her now. She has moved on and he might see something he does not like. If he did not care a year back, he should not care at all now. So he better keep his distance because Dua Lipa is not turning back.

Dua Lipa also announced that she will be performing “Don’t Start Now” for the first time live on MTV EMAs on November 3rd.

Update: Watch the music video:

Check out the complete lyrics below.

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