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Camila Cabello – Used to This (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

People Magazine reveals that Camila Cabello previewed her upcoming third studio album ‘Romance’ at a private viewing party hosted by New Music Daily and Apple Music on November 2, 2019. During the listening party, Camila premiered a swoon song titled “Used to This” allegedly talking about her budding romance with singer Shawn Mendes.

Although Camila Cabello denied dating rumours with Shawn Mendes for so long, she finally revealed that they were in fact in love since July 2019. The two even shared a very awkward makeout session live on Instagram for the world to see.

Introducing the song at the private viewing party Camila shared the meaning behind this song; “Basically I had this lyric called, ‘It’s gonna take me a minute, but I could get used to this,’ and the song is basically about like when you’re friends with somebody for a really long time, and you know someone for a really long time, and then you start dating them, and then you’re like, ‘Oh my God, like this is so weird,’ ‘cause like, you’ve been my friend forever. But I like it — and I could get used to this.”

Some lyrics on the song read “No, I never liked San Francisco, never thought it was nothing special, ’til you kissed me there.” San Fransico is the city where Camila and Shawn Mendes were first spotted kissing.

“Used to This” is a song about getting used to all the butterflies in your stomach when you are with that special one. It is the good kind of awkward feelings, and it is the kind you would love to get used to. The fussy feelings of the touch of their fingers, the lips, their bodies on each other and breathing in the beauty of her eyes are all that you get being in love with the correct one.

There is no release date for the song revealed yet.

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