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Celine Dion – Courage (Stream, Lyrics and Song Meaning)

Celine Dion has blessed us with a brand new album ‘Courage’ on November 15, 2019. This is the Canadian singer’s twelfth English album and the twenty-seventh studio album in her discography. Along with the album release, Celine Dion also premiered a new music video for the title track of the album.

This album comes 6 years after Celine’s last English album ‘Loved Me Back to Life’ released in 2013. Her last Non-English studio album was ‘Encore un soir’ released in August 2016.

Releasing the album, Celine Dion spoke with Billboard magazine on the inspiration behind the song; “The people that I love so much embraced the moments that were difficult. They gave me so much strength. And then a song came that was called Courage, and it didn’t take long for all of us to say, ‘I think the album should be called Courage.'”

The music video, directed by Se Oh, shows Celine Dion’s silhouette wandering around a brightly lit room. Her slender figure, at the age of 51, forms some amazing poses in black-and-white. Watch below.

In this song, we hear Celine Dion asking herself to be courageous to keep going on in the face of love and loss. In the first verse, it sounds as if though she has lost someone she held near and dear to her heart. She is not fine, but she has to move on. She misses him, she misses talking to him, and she misses his touch.

In the chorus, Celine Dion shares with us that she is moving on. This is not an easy task and it requires a lot of courage. She sings that she is facing something new. Is this her lonely life ahead or if there is a new lover in sight? is a question left to the imagination. But whichever the case is, she is going to have to be brave and strong.

The second verse is a little clearer of the context the singer is in. She is trying to hold on to the love that was once there. Dion is adamant that there is no one that could replace what he brought into her life. She believes it is worth fighting for. But it is going to require a lot of strength and vulnerability.

There is nothing to not love about this song by Celine Dion. Let us hear what you think about this song in the comments below.

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