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The Script – The Hurt Game (Stream, Lyrics & Meaning)

The Script sticks on to their routine of releasing a new album every two years or so with their latest album ‘Sunsets & Fullmoons.’ The tumultuous times the band had while mourning the death of lead singer Danny O’Donoghue’s mother is reflected on some songs on this album. However, “The Hurt Game” is about the battles in love.

‘Sunsets & Fullmoons’ is The Script’s sixth studio album following the ‘Freedom Child’ album released in September 2017. The new album, released on November 8, 2019, is already ranked at #1 in Ireland and the UK in its release week.

The lead guitarist of The Script, Mark Sheehan, spoke about the song with Apple Music; “This is about what goes on in a bad relationship where it’s like you are part of a game. Like Dan says earlier about ‘Underdog,’ it’s like being involved in the fight industry. You always know somebody, no matter what, is going to get hurt. Even though you’re throwing abuse or negative energy at somebody else, it, unfortunately, comes back to you. This song deals again with the nuances of miscommunication and the intention to hurt somebody else but in turn really hurting yourself.”

Listen to “The Hurt Game” by The Script

In the first verse of the song, the singer talks about the nature of their relationship right now. The two lovers have separated and living their own lives now. But the singer still thinks about her. He assumes that she does too. A little trip down the memory lane and he sees montages of the memories they made. One second they are in love at full swing and the next second they are at each others throats. Maybe both of them exchanged words that they regret in hindsight. But it was a hurt game where nobody won any prizes for winning.

In the pre-chorus and chorus of “The Hurt Game,” Danny confesses that he regrets her actions. He justifies them saying that he did what he did for all the right intentions. But sometimes, the intentions become hazy and the meanings drown. Then comes doubt and then comes the fallout.

The second verse narrates how things got worse in their relationship. They argued, they fought, they kept scores and they took out their anger on the household furniture. None of these are pretty sights and signs of a healthy relationship. The kept on doing the same hoping some miracle water will quench the fire. But it was not meant to be and both had to sacrifice some real feelings in the end.

Danny also confesses that he has not been able to move on ever since their breakup. She was the one that came the closest to the ‘forever’ kind of love and slipped. But it was a game that was not meant to sustain a relationship. The fighting, the blaming and constant doubts were never going to get them through to what they wanted. It was just a hurt game!

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