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Queen – Thank God It’s Christmas (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Thanks to a brand new lyric video released on December 15, 2019, we are reminded of the official Christmas song released by the iconic band, Queen. And “Thank God It’s Christmas,” indeed.

Brian May and Roger Taylor of Queen announced this lyric video for the song on their social media while releasing their new year wishes to the fans as well. “YES !! We have a video for our QUEEN Christmas Song!!!” captioned Brian May, whereas Roger went with a simple “Happy Holidays. 🔗⬆️.”

The original “Thank God It’s Christmas” song came out on the B-side of “A Winters Tale” single from Queen’s fifteenth and final studio album ‘Made In Heaven.’ The song released in December 1995, years after Queen’s frontman Freddie Mercury passed away in 1991.

These lyrics are a rare combination of the lyricisms of the members Brian May and Roger Taylor. They had a race to write a Christmas song in 1984 and both penned their own songs. After listening back to them, both agreed that Roger’s was better. The duo worked on it until Freddie Mercury blew life into the lyrics.

Watch “Thank God It’s Christmas” Lyric Video by Queen

This Christmas song by Queen has rather simpler lyrics and meaning. This song is far from the likes of Queen’s much more complex works such as “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “Under Pressure” or even “Another One Bites the Dust.”

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “Thank God It’s Christmas”

Verse 1

Freddie Mercury’s iconic voice is unmistakable.

Mercury starts off the song by reminiscing on the year that is coming to an end. Christmas time may be a period of joy and laughter and happiness. But the 11 months that preceded were not so easy. Mercury thinks back to the times he shed tears, had his hopes and dreams shattered, and the times that were hard. There were so many; some he endured on his own, some he shared with his friends and many he shared with his love.


But this is Christmas time. Finally, a month Freddie Mercury can remove his socks and relax. A month he can put aside his worries and share laughter with his family. So he thanks God for giving him a break at least once a year.

Verse 2

Freddie Mercury describes the beauty of nature during Christmas time. The bright moon shining across the black sky and stars look extra bright and yellow. It’s bone-chilling cold everywhere, and Freddie actually hopes for a snowfall. He reminds himself and us that Christmas day is a special holiday enjoyed by Christians and non-Christians alike. Freddie Mercury himself was a Zoroastrian by faith. The composer of the lyrics, Roger Taylor, is considered to be an atheist as well.


In the chorus of “Thank God It’s Christmas,” Freddie sings that he wishes every day was Christmas. This would put everyone in a happy mood, a charitable mood and a forgiving nature. What a wonderful world would it be!

Verse 3

Freddie Mercury continues to sing of the troubles of everyday life in the third and final verse. He talks about the days being ‘troubled’ and the ways being ‘strange.’ Maybe, these lines allude to the changes in society the Queen members experienced throughout their lives.

Even if it is for just one day, Queen is glad that it is Christmas!

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