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Drake – War | Lyrics Review and Song Meaning

OVO rapper Drake released a brand new song titled “War” which has just one verse and seems to confirm that there is no bad blood between himself and The Weeknd. The song is produced by AXL Beats.

Drake released the song and the music video on December 24, 2019, which features several of the OVO members in a snowy backdrop.

In the lyrics to the song, Drake talks about how he is staying off the grid to protect himself from the feds and the government. He claims that police wants to lock him up and put him through agony just like how Drake’s bodyguard Chubbs did to producer Detail.

Drake then moves on to share his two cents on the greedy men in the game. He also spills about talking to Gigi Hadid is some certain man gets too ‘beaky.’ ‘Beaky’ could refer to being nosy in bird-lingo. Gigi Hadid is the sister of Bella Hadid whom The Weeknd is rumoured to be dating at the moment. He continues to rap about this ‘man’ with whom he was friends with. But then this man got ‘pinched’ referring to getting copped. And thereafter this ‘man’ went PC, which could mean ‘politically correct’ in the context.

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After briefly name dropping Kendall Jenner, Drake moves on to describe his soulmate. He says he needs a bad girl, but also someone who will not leave his side when things get tough. Can’t imagining ‘things’ ever getting ‘tough’ for Drake. But if he says so.

One important thing Drake mentions on “War” is that “You n*ggas spend too much time on captions, not enough time on action.” This is universal and the modern truth!

Towards the latter part of “War,” Drake seemingly addresses his beef with singer The Weeknd. He starts off this by implying that the two labels each artist represents have joined up; OVO being Drake’s and XO being The Weeknd’s. He proceeds to namedrop members from both labels to say that they all are under one flag.

The Weeknd is regarded very highly as a brilliant vocalist and is often compared with the likes of Michael Jackson. In this song, Drake hints that he is talking about The Weeknd by saying “And the boy that sound like he sang on Thriller.”Thriller” is one of the most famous songs by Michael Jackson. Drake says that The Weeknd has been his friend all throughout, although both have been firing shots at each other since 2011.

Drake ends his verse by saying that all his friends in the industry have names that he remembers and anyone who is beefing with him is a goner for him. He has no time for petty fights and beefs with everyone who tries to take a jab at him.

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Check out the complete lyrics to “War” by Drake on Genius.

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