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Denace – Little Nicky (Nick Cannon Diss) Ft. Spencer Sharp | Lyrics Review and Song Meaning

Rapper Denace is in full swing with his responses to Eminem’s diss tracks fired by Nick Cannon. After releasing the third diss in his Eminem diss series, Nick Cannon is assumed to have taken a loss without Eminem evening opening his mouth. While Nick Cannon urged and baited Eminem as much as possible for a response, it never came from the Rap God. Instead, Nick Cannon got responses from all the Stans out there. Two of the biggest Stans in the rap game, Denace and Spencer Sharp, got together for their response diss for Nick Cannon titled “Little Nicky.”

Nick Cannon has so far released “The Invitation,” “Pray For Him” and “Canceled: Invitation” diss tracks against Eminem within the past two weeks. These diss tracks were triggered by a verse by Eminem in a feature with Fat Joe, titled “Lord Above.” In this track, Eminem addresses his beef with Mariah Carey and calls Nick Cannon “whipped” and “neutered” in his relationship with Mariah Carey.

Denace, who is known to sound quite similar to Eminem, released his first Nick Cannon diss “Cannons For Nick” last week. In this track, he smashed Nick Cannon and his cronies who featured on the first two diss track by Nick Cannon. This second diss track, “Little Nicky” is a response for the third diss track, “Canceled: Invitation” by Nick Cannon.

Listen to “Little Nicky (Nick Cannon Diss” by Denace and Spencer Sharp

In this response diss, Denace and Spencer Sharp both plead Nick Cannon to stop embarrassing himself any further. Releasing three diss tracks and not getting a single response is the classic Stan-tale told in Eminem’s epic ballad “Stan.” Rightly so, Denace and Spencer Sharp drop their disses over the beat of “Stan” to state the fact that Nick Cannon is a closeted Stan.

Denace and Spencer Sharp also name drop Mariah Carey, the popular social media personalities Amanda Cerny, King Bach and Lele Pons, Eminem’s last year rival Machine Gun Kelly in their verses. They say a special ‘F.U.’ to Lord Jamar for his statement that Eminem is merely a guest in the house of hip-hop.

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