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Selena Gomez – Vulnerable | Lyrics Review and Song Meaning

“Vulnerable” is the sixth track on Selena Gomez’s 2020 album ‘Rare.’ This is one of the most open songs on Selena’s album confessing about her failed love life. Interestingly enough, she seems to speak about one boy who mistreated her for so long and broke her will. Let us explore the lyrics and meaning behind this song.

Selena Gomez released her third studio album ‘Rare’ on January 10, 2020, marking the year as an official heartbreak calendar. The album inspired by Selena’s life treads close to addressing her past relationships that have failed. Her most notable breakup was with the singer Justin Bieber who married model Hailey Baldwin in 2019. However, on this album, Selena Gomez talks about moving on, in songs such as “Look At Her Now” and “Dance Again.”

The song describes Selena stuck between a rock and a hard place. She knows that this boy is taking her love for granted and destroying her trust every time he can. But she fears to leave the one source of love and affection she has known for so many years. In “Cut You Off” from ‘Rare’ album, Selena sings about a relationship that lasted for 1,460 days before it fell apart once and for all.

Listen to “Vulnerable” by Selena Gomez

In the first verse of the song, Selena sings about how she gets mistreated by this boy every time she lets him take care of her. It has gotten to a point where Selena already anticipates heartbreak with his every movement. She is being taken advantage of and she gets nothing in return. Similar to the context of the title track of the album “Rare,” Selena says that he did not understand the value of her in the relationship and that he needed her more than its opposite.

However, Selena Gomez fears the alternative more than getting hurt by this boy. Letting him go is something she dares not try because she fears to be alone. She has been in the company of this boy for so long that she questions if she could do that ever again with someone else. When you devote your body and soul to one person for so long, leaving them is a whole new kind of hell. But the alternative is choosing to live in hell.

Let us hear what you think about this emotional ballad by Selena Gomez. What do you think this song means? Who do you think this song is about? Let us know in the comments below.

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