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Eminem – Farewell | Lyrics Review and Song Meaning

“Farewell” is the 17th track on Eminem’s 2020 project ‘Music to Be Murdered By.’ The song speaks about an ex-girlfriend of Eminem who drove him crazy with her mind games, tricks and overall unfaithfulness. Although Eminem hates her guts, he hates himself more for still loving her.

Eminem released his much anticipated eleventh studio album titled ‘Music to Be Murdered By’ on January 17, 2020. Although the album was heavily awaited by Stans, the release of the album was a surprise as Eminem nor any official party gave out any confirmation of the release. ‘Music to Be Murdered By’ album consists a staggering 20 tracks and is considered as a double album. The album is seemingly an address to the current status of the Rap God, addressing his friends and foes in the game. This recent surprise project follows Eminem’s 2018 surprise hit ‘Kamikaze‘ album that literally attacked every disdainful aspect in society including mumble rap.

In “Farewell,” Eminem goes into overdrive on the explicit lyrics to bot describe this ex-lover and curse her. Eminem sarcastically thanks her for putting him in his own hell that she helped manifest. “Addiction is a disease” sings Eminem in the final verse of the song, which pretty much sums up life as we know it. Here, Eminem could be alluding to drugs and lust for women both.

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