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Eminem Drops Surprise Album ‘Kamikaze’ (Artwork, Tracklist, Stream)

Eminem took us all by surprise when he decided to release a brand new album today. Yes! A Brand new album, titled ‘Kamikaze.’

First, we got a taste of a new song by Eminem from the soundtrack of the upcoming movie ‘Venom.’ He released a snippet of the song on social media, and all the fans were waiting for the full-length song. Instead, Em drops a bomb on us with the new album ‘Kamikaze.’

Eminem was a little distant from music for a few years before 2017, and one can only assume that he has been writing. Or, he just buckled down after ‘Revival’ in 2017, and came up with these 13 tracks.

“Tried not 2 overthink this 1…enjoy” captioned Eminem, with the release of the Dr. Dre-produced album.

Marshall also released the album cover and tracklist of the album.

Full Tracklist of ‘Kamikaze’ by Eminem

  1. The Ringer
  2. Greatest
  3. Lucky You (feat. Joyner Lucas)
  4. Paul – Skit
  5. Normal
  6. Em Calls Paul – Skit
  7. Stepping Stone
  8. Not Alike (feat. Royce Da 5’9′)
  9. Fall
  10. Kamikaze
  11. Nice Guy (feat. Jessie Reyez)
  12. Good Guy (feat. Jessie Reyez)
  13. Venom – Music from the Motion Picture
'Kamikaze' album tracklist
‘Kamikaze’ album tracklist

If you closely evaluate the artwork, you will be able to see the pilot of this aircraft giving the middle finger. This is classic Eminem. Also, the reaper sticker signals incoming death, and several deaths are reported due to this album.

On the tail of this aircraft, the letters ‘FU-2’ is printed. This means “Fu*k You too.”

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Why ‘Kamikaze?’

‘Kamikaze’ was a special air force unit used by the Japanese during the World War II. Translated as ‘divine wind,’ these aircrafts were responsible for taking out warships of the Allied forces. Note that these were suicide aircrafts. More history lessons on Wikipedia.

Eminem must be signaling that he is about to kill several people with this new album. He is in the pilot seat and the aircraft is drawn as if it is crashing on to something.

Collaborations on ‘Kamikaze’ Album

Joyner Lucas, Royce da 5’9″ and Jessie Reyez (on two songs) are featured on this album.

Eminem also brings in a lot of people into his focal point on this album. He just does not give an ef about competition. He specifically mentions a few artists from the industry.

Comedian Kathy Griffin was overjoyed that Em still remembered her from the music video collab for “The Real Slim Shady” back in 2000.

Most critics view ‘Kamikaze’ album as Eminem going back to his roots. The classic Eminem-the Marshall Mathers.

Welcome, Eminem!

Let us know what you think about this album and the tracklist by Eminem. Surprised? Leave a comment below and share this with other Stans.


UPDATE: 01/09/2018

The release date of the album ‘Kamikaze’ on Agust 31st coincides with Joes Budden’s birthday on the same date. Joes Budden has been a prominent source of attack throughout the album, especially in songs such as “The Ringer” and “Fall.”

UPDATE: 07/09/2018

A further look at the album artwork reveals some interesting details carefully hidden in plain sight. Notice the word ‘TICKUS’ on the tail-end of the aircraft. This is ‘SUCK IT’ written backward.


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