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Sophia Abraham – Bestie Bestie Friend | Lyrics Review

‘Teen Mom’ star Farrah Abraham’s daughter, 11-year-old Sophia Abraham is making her debut into the music industry with “Bestie Bestie Friend.” Sophia is not entirely new to the entertainment business, as she already has over 100 videos on her vlogging channel on YouTube, with a little over 19,000 subscribers at the moment.

Sophia’s mother, despite her heavily publicized teen years and a short stint in the adult movie industry, also had a studio album released under her name. Titled ‘My Teenage Dream Ended,’ the 10-track album contains some of the personal notes of her life.

Sophia Abraham talks about her best friend in her intro to the music game in “Bestie Bestie Friend.” In the music video, we see Sophia Abraham and her BFF Chloe Fernandez goofing around, dancing, binge-watching movies and sneaking candy. Farrah Abrahams, too, make a short cameo in the music video.

Watch “Bestie Bestie Friend” Video by Sophia Abraham

The comments section on YouTube is turned off for good measure. The monotonous lyrics and child’s enthusiasm in the song and video are bound to attract some hate speech. However, this cannot be blocked on all social media. Sophia Abraham Tweeted out that she is already experiencing hate speech on social media;

Dear haters, she is 11-years-old!

Sophia also announced a TikTok challenge to award $100 for the best video with her new song and dance.

And she kept to her promise…

Throughout all these steps in her music career, her mom Farrah Abraham has been very supportive of Sophia’s actions and choices.

And looks like Sophia Abraham has already planned her musical journey ahead. The same post on Instagram announces that her next music video is coming out on May 15, 2020.


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