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Lady Gaga – Stupid Love | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

Lady Gaga took to social media today to release a major announcement about brand new music coming up, very soon! How soon? The new single, titled “Stupid Love,” releases on February 28, 2020. And there is a vibrant, yet seemingly sad music video coming out as well. This will be the first single off of Lady Gaga’s upcoming 6th studio album.

The teased snippet of the song shows Lady Gaga flaunting her slim figure and pink-dyed hair. She is surrounded by a seemingly dystopian civilization, resembling ‘Mad Max’ movie environment a lot.

Lady Gaga is seemingly looking at the horizon, pointing at something in the distance. She seems to be singing the song in an alien language so the lyrics are shown on screen as subtitles. The only lyric we have so far is; “All I ever wanted was love…”

Watch “Stupid Love” Music Video by Lady Gaga

In the lyrics to the song, we hear Lady Gaga admitted that she is a sucker for his love. She wonders if she is too deep gone down the rabbit hole to surface again. She finds it to be “stupid” to be this excited about the concept of love which has previously left her scarred. But love rekindles, even in the harshest conditions.

Love hurts at times, and Lady Gaga seems to have been left hurt in the past. So she wonders if this love will cure her pain or worsen it. Anyway, it will be a gamble and only when you roll the dice, you would learn the result.

At the end of the video, we see the phrase ‘Kindness Punk’ embroidered into the back of a jacket. Is this the new album title? Or is it the fading letters of ‘Chromatica’ after the music video finishes?

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