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SZA & Justin Timberlake – The Other Side (Trolls World Tour OST) | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

Dreamworks Animation Studio is bringing the much-anticipated sequel to 2016’s ‘Trolls.’ In the 2020 follow-up, the usual voice actors Justin Timberlake, James Corden, Gwen Stefani, Kunal Nayyar and more take part. New musical additions include Ozzy Osbourne, Mary J. Blige, Anderson .Paak, Kelly Clarkson and more. So we can expect a lot of amazing music from the soundtrack of ‘Trolls: World Tour’ movie. The first of it all being a collaboration between Justin Timberlake and SZA, titled “The Other Side.”

“The Other Side” lyrics try to provide assurance that we all will just be okay. There is no need for stressing over the matters of the past. Let bygones be bygones and look to the future. If you think you can turn around you life by jumping on to the other side of the river, just know that the grass there is not necessarily greener than here. This is a twist on the popular idiom “the grass is always greener on the other side.” But life doesn’t always work to rules and norms. So stop stressing and live your best life each day.

Justin Timberlake wrote about working with SZA on the track: “I’ve been a fan of SZA for a long time… as a singer, as a songwriter, as a performer, as an artist. When we started working on The Other Side, it was clear that her voice and vision were exactly what the song needed, and I’m HONORED to have collaborated with her on this. Hopefully more to come on some R&B SET THE MOOD RIGHT VIBE… I’m really proud of this one and the message it represents. Turn it up, share it, and go tell SZA she’s a 🦄💎.”

Watch “The Other Side” Video by Justin Timberlake & SZA

Verse 1

SZA encourages everybody to take a look into themselves. “You’re preaching to the choir” is an idiom used to mean that somebody trying to convince someone about something that they already support. So don’t try to convince yourself something wrong when you know its wrong. It’s useless. You cannot fool yourself. If you try to fool yourself, you will likely begin to break apart from the inside.

“Clouds” usually symbolize gloom and a rainy atmosphere. So, if you put a positive outlook on your life, it will certainly make things positive for you. You just have to believe in yourself and change yourself for the better.


On the hook, both SZA and JT combine vocals to deliver a valid message. The lyrics ask the listeners to lift their heads up and look to the future. There is no point in lamenting over the past, which cannot be changed anyway. What you can do is, learn from your mistakes from the past and look forward to a better future.

Also, keep in mind that the grass is not necessarily any greener on the other side. So if you think you can change your life by running away into a new pasture, it would not necessarily be any different. Because ‘peace’ and ‘freedom’ and ‘satisfaction’ lies within yourself.

Verse 2

In the second verse of “The Other Side,” Justin Timberlake asks us to stop stressing about every little thing. Those little things were meant to be that way and everybody goes through them. Everything clears up eventually. You just have to have faith and keep moving on. If you believe in yourself, the path will illuminate in front of you. Just try it for yourself!


Sometimes the wrong paths in life may seem like the ‘sweeter’ and ‘easier’ option to freedom. But do not fall for these traps. Always do the right thing and you will be happy forever.

Trapped in an upbeat tune, this song also delivers an excellent message for the audience. So let us know what you think about this song by dropping a comment below.

The ‘Trolls World Tour’ movie hits the theaters on April 17, 2020.

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