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Bad Bunny – Si Veo A Tu Mamá (English) | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

“Si Veo A Tu Mamá” which roughly translates to “If I See Your Mom” is the first track on Bad Bunny’s 2020 album ‘YHLQMDLG.’ The song became an instant hit due to its catchy lyrics and the brilliant music video that followed. We will take a look at the English translated lyrics to the song and the idea behind it.

“Si Veo A Tu Mamá” appears in Bad Bunny’s second studio album ‘YHLQMDLG,’ which is an acronym for ‘Yo Hago Lo Que Me Da La Gana.’ The album title roughly translates to English as ‘I Do What I Want.’

“Si Veo A Tu Mamá” or “If I See Your Mom” is a song about lost love. Bad Bunny tries to move on from his previous relationships but sometimes think back to the good times with them. And he knows that he can’t meet her. Instead, if he meets her mom, he would ask if she is dating now. Maybe just to make up his mind.

Watch “Si Veo A Tu Mamá” or “If I See Your Mom” Video by Bad Bunny


In the catchy hook of the song, Bad Bunny sings about his predicament with his ex-girlfriend. He starts off strong “I still love you,” but its a downhill wreck thereafter. He knows that she does not love him anymore. So he wonders if there is someone else keeping her happy. He doesn’t even have anybody to get this information from. Asking her mom is a big ‘no, no.’

Verse 1

Bad Bunny admits to something that most of us guilty of, at some part of the timeline of our relationship; “And I haven’t deleted your photo, I just made it private.” So he still keeps her photos, just to look at them and just take a trip down the memory lane. Oftentimes these trips tend to be positive. We forget why we broke up.

Verse 2

More lamenting continues. Bad Bunny says it has been six months since they called off their relationship and he still thinks about her. It is not like he has not put himself out there. He says that he met someone, but for some reason, it did not “click” well. Maybe the reason is that he still has feelings about his ex. Bad Bunny admits that he has given up on taking care of himself. He has put on, and he has no plans of going to a gym.

“Thinking of taking a shortcut” is the most glorified way of talking about suicide. Well, this is definitely not the way to get over an ex.


Going out with your friends is one way of getting an ex off of your mind. But be careful of booze, as it has the properties to bring out honesty. Bad Bunny promised himself that he would not think about her in their night out. By five o’clock in the morning, he is thinking about ringing her up!

Poor Bunny!

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  1. Anyone remember the original song to the open music in his song? Its driving me crazy I can’t pin point it.

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