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Kehlani – Toxic | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

Kehlani continues to reminisce about her past relationship in the brand new single “Toxic.” The year 2020 started with a breakup for Kehlani as she released “Valentine’s Day (Shameful)” single just days after February 14, 2020. This song was to announce her breakup with rapper YG. The new single might be a reflection of their relationship from 2019.

Kehlani has her second studio album coming out in 2020 and we already know that it is going to be a heartbreak banter. So far, we have heard several songs from the album such as “All Me” featuring Keyshia Cole, “You Know Wassup,” and a collaboration with YG titled “Konclusions.”

When a Twitter fan asked how long it took for Kehlani to come up with this song, she replied “i freestyled most of it! 🙏🏼”

Listen to “Toxic” by Kehlani

In the lyrics to “Toxic,” we hear Kehlani going back and forth in this relationship. And it is a cruel existence. She says that her ex’s penis was the main reason for their separation because he had to use it beyond their household. But it is also the same thing that keeps Kehlani going back for more; “all the sex on replay / Run it back like a DJ / Surfin’ on your face while you eat that.”

So they keep breaking up and making up again and again. It hurts both of them, but neither can stop either. They both keep on making mistakes and covering them up with sexual favors.

But the final message in the song is that “All of this love is toxic” and both are addicts for each other.

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