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Cardi B’s COVID19 Message Turns into a Viral #CoronaVirusChallenge

Leave it to Cardi B to bring some laughter and joy for these dreaded times. As a responsible citizen, Cardi B took to her social media to spread her two cents on the new Coronavirus pandemic named COVID-19. Brooklyn based DJ IMarkkeyz saw something else in this video and put out a “Coronavirus (Remix)” by assembling bits and pieces of Cardi B’s video. And it went viral and trending around the world spawning #CoronaVirusChallenge.

The Novel Coronavirus has brought the entire world to a standstill. These are grim times indeed. Even the music industry is affected. Concerts are being canceled and artists are finding it difficult to record new music as citizens are advised to refrain from gathering in numbers. So all we can do it stay safe and enjoy memes!

Below is Cardi B’s message on the Novel Coronavirus;

“Coronavirus (Remix)” by IMarkkeyz

This Tweet alone has 6.2 million views since its release five days ago.

And guess what, “Coronavirus (Remix)” is charting on iTunes; #1 Bulgaria, #1 Egypt, #2 Brazil, #3 Nigeria, #3 Sweden, and #16 US. The viral remix video spawned #CoronaVirusChallenge to which people do their best dance choreographies. “For me to see everyone dancing, smiling, and not living in fear … that’s the greatest thing I can do,” said IMarkkeyz with BuzzFeed.

Cardi B also noticed #CoronaVirusChallenge going viral on social media and responded; “The fact this damn coronavirus song is charting on iTunes ….Hold on ..let me hit the Dj up and Atlantic so I can’t get my damn coins 😩😩😩😩.”

Luckily, there are people as talented as IMarkkeyz to shed some light on these dark and gloomy times. In these times of self-isolation and worldwide lockdowns, we will see a surge in social media interaction among the general populous as well as the artists.

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