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Calum Scott – You Are the Reason | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

2015’s Britain’s Got Talent finalist Calum Scott is no stranger to most of us thanks to his angelic vocals. He is most known for his cover of Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own” which he also performed on BGT to earn the golden buzzer from Simon Cowell himself. However, “You Are the Reason” is Calum’s most successful single of his own, and we will take a deeper look into its meaning.

“You Are the Reason” comes from Calum Scott’s debut studio album ‘Only Human’ released in 2018. The album reached #4 in the UK and #5 in Australia. The song has been rated Platinum by RIAA, double Platinum by Music Canada and 4x Platinum by ARIA. Calum Scott later released a duet version of the song with Leona Lewis.

Calum Scott himself explained the meaning behind his hit single with Capitol Records;

“You Are the Reason” started out as a song about something completely different than what it is now. It was originally written from a fragile place of anxiety and not knowing the cause of it, so the song started to become “Without A Reason”. But as we carried on writing, we realized how every relationship has difficult times but you stick with it because the love you fundamentally feel for the other person overrides everything else.”

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Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “You Are the Reason” by Calum Scott

Just as the singer explained, this song is about fighting through a difficult relationship. No relationship is ‘perfect.’ It is the two partner’s efforts that make it a perfect relationship despite all the flaws present.

Calum Scott promises that he would ‘climb mountains’ and ‘swim oceans,’ metaphorically, to make this relationship work. It takes effort from both partners to make a relationship lasting. And sometimes it is worth this extra effort because she/he is the One.

Calum Scott suggests that there are some parts “broken” in this relationship. Some of which may be his doing. But looking back at their relationship, Calum realizes that she has been there to fix his wounds. So Calum only wants to do the same. He also says that if he could turn back the time, he would make sure those scars won’t happen at all. But now all he can do is fix what damage he has caused.

Just like any great song, “You Are the Reason” by Calum Scott just gets better with every passing year.

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8 thoughts on “Calum Scott – You Are the Reason | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

  1. I have been estranged from my 20 year old son for the past 10 years. I plan on sending him the song in the hopes he will understand that he is the only reason I still exist. My Hope is that will help me mend the damage that I done to our relationship, or at least it will soften his heart enough to give me a chance.

  2. Every time I hear it it gives me goosebumps now my story is similar to William Sillymans I am gay and I came across his song as a recommended song I love this song especially the duet version with Leona Lewis

  3. My husband sent this to me today after I sent him Save Me, by Ash. I caught him for the second time in our two years of marriage crying to his ex wife in his truck telling her how much he misses her. This song is amazing, and would have worked earlier.

    1. You are the reason the song helps my relationship with my wife Heather and I listen to the song everyday because we have been thought alot and it’s brings us closer and closer every time we listen to it and we are in love with each other and we are going to stay that way for a very long time and we did everything in that song thank u Calum acott

  4. I had never heard of Calum until a little over a year ago, 2019. I caught the video of his performance on BGT in 2015, with “Dancing On My Own.” I loved his voice. I’m also gay, and several of his songs are about how I felt growing up in the 1960s & 70s as a gay boy. His song, “No Matter What,” is sadly something I would never hear from my parents about being gay. My adopted mother nearly killed me when she discovered it in 1970. So, I buried it.
    I met and married my beautiful wife in 1974. Life was not always easy, and my adopted mother didn’t make it any easier, in fact for as long as that woman was alive, she made my married life hell and tried everything to destroy my marriage. She even outed me to my wife. Yet, it was my wife who loved me, No matter what.
    This leads to, “You are the Reason.” Calum won BGT the same year my beautiful wife of 40 years died.
    I heard Calum sing this, then I got the lyrics. I memorized them. I’m not a good singer, although I sang this one, and I cried. I’m not talking simple tears, I broke down sobbing. I came out after my wife died, with her blessing. She is the reason I am becoming who I am today. It is because of her, why I am still here. I still sing it, and I still cry while doing it. Thanks Calum. Stay beautiful and true to yourself. Blessed Be.

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